With Luke Haag
Criminalist / Firearms Examiner
A new training and reference course for professionals explaining and demonstrating the potential value of firearms evidence and how the many elements can be effectively utilized within an investigation and/or courtroom.


Approx: 2 Hrs, 45 Min

(Dual Layer DVD)

A thorough introduction to the fundamentals of the many elements of shooting incident investigation including:
Firearm Classification
Ammunition Identification
Gunshot Residue
Firearm Evidence Marking
Toolmarks on cartridges
Small Arms Functioning
Small Arms Propellants
Bullet Design Characteristics
Rifling Characteristics
Evidence Collection
Shotgun Ammunition
Actual Evidence Examples

"A superb teaching and educational tool . . . highly recommend it . . . should be mandatory viewing for all physicians in medical examiner programs, district attorneys, homicide investigators, and evidence collection personnel. It belongs in......all colleges that offer degrees in Criminal Justice."

Vincent J.M. DiMaio, MD; Consultant in Forensic Pathology
"A benchmark in the field of criminalistics. . . This video course is a valuable reference for law enforcement, law, and medicine . . . and a comprehensive review for the experienced veteran."

Richard C. Froede, MD; Armed Forces Institute of Pathology / Distinguished Scientist Past President, American Academy of Forensic Sciences
"A great basic training tool for evidence collection technicians and detectives;
especially for teaching the value of evidence. Very effective."

Eugene J. Wolberg, Criminalist / Forensic Firearms Scientist, San Diego Police Crime Laboratory
"Truly an outstanding product. Luke Haag does a remarkable job......The diagrams, charts,demonstrations, microscope images, all are brought together and laced seamlessly......this video would be of enormous value to anyone concerned with firearms evidence. In a time where few bargains are to be had, this is one."

Dr. John I. Thornton, Professor of Forensic Science, University of California.

Elements of Shooting Incident Investigation

Basic Training in Firearms Evidence

2 Hours & 45 Minutes


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